Intelligence Applied

When it comes to customer experience, the time for talk has passed
There’s a lot of talk about the importance and value of customer experience. A LOT of talk. But there is still not as much meaningful action going on as there really should be.
Authentically disruptive:  staying true, thinking differently
Disruption is happening all around us, from the TV that we watch, to the taxis we take or the way we make payments. By definition, something that “interrupts an event, activity, or process”, disruption has become a code word for products,...
Are your digital ads engaging or intrusive? It depends who you’re targeting
Digital ad spend continues to rise, and is forecast to top $203bn in 2018 (GroupM, 2017). Yet despite continuing growth, many senior marketers from the most valuable global brands lack confidence in digital advertising’s ability to truly...
From bricks, clicks to Insta-pics: what’s next for social commerce ?
Where do the biggest opportunities lie in social commerce and what actions can brands take to win in this new world of shopping? Sources: * Business Insider, 2018 ** Kantar Consulting, Global MONITOR (2017)
Building brand equity on social media:  what brands can learn from YouTube
People often feel that branded content on social media is irrelevant. As brands increase their spend on these channels, how can they build deeper relationships with people?
Suspicious minds: lessons for brands in a post-truth age
While ‘post-truth’ has become a popular catch phrase thanks to the political turbulence of the last couple of years, the crisis of trust in the connected world extends much beyond recent history. In fact, people have been grappling with...
The moment that… banking got personal
The world of banking is evolving at a blistering pace. Digitisation and challenges from FinTechs require even the most traditional banks to move with the times .
The moment that… cash was no longer king
Few sectors have experienced as much disruption as banking over the last decade or so. The trusted partner personified by a high street presence and friendly bank manager has given way to an uneasy hybrid of digital and telephone services.
The moment that… subscription models disrupted beauty
The best new beauty brands are rethinking the moments they share with their customers entirely for the digital age. What are the keys to their success?
The moment that…there was a beverage for every occasion
As our drinks preferences become less predictable and more adventurous, how can beverage brands meet changing customer needs, in the moment?
The moment that… millennials rewrote the rules on car usage
Once upon a time baby boomers were teenagers, the American dream was gold and owning a car was the ultimate status symbol. The automotive industry enjoyed limitless enthusiasm from its customers since so many important moments in their everyday lives depended on the freedom their vehicles provided.
The moment that... technology and snacking collided
The snack food industry is well-versed in psychology. To be successful, a brand must know that we nibble not just to satisfy our basic hunger, but also our emotional needs. Snack food brands have historically positioned their products to predict and ‘be there’ at the moment of a range of emotional states: fatigue, self-indulgence, comfort, boredom and pain.
The moment that… travelling got personal
Sipping sun-glistening cocktails between lazy palms in Mallorca. Barging slowly past picturesque villages on a spring day in Holland. Holiday moments are timeless. And the travel sector has always sold them neatly bundled, capturing the imagination of escape-seeking consumers.
The moment… you can have your beer and drink it
Weeknight drinks with friends and colleagues are often a welcome release after the weekly grind. And they’re hard to turn down - the moment your laptop closes at the end of a long day feels like the perfect time to unwind with a drink.
Gender intelligent design: what brands, product designers and customer services need to know
Femininity: its definition, role and perceived value within society is rapidly changing. In the wake of such change, the route to equality is being redefined. No longer is equality simply about obtaining the same status as a man (and likely...
Ad enhancement, not interruption: capturing the moment
Picture the scene: you’re trying to share a video with a couple of friends to illustrate a point you’ve been arguing about for the last half hour. As the video loads, an ad pops up at twice the volume of what you’ve been playing before.
Tackling inconsistent brand experiences
As people increasingly become connected, brands have a greater opportunity to reach them, but marketers are facing a greater risk of delivering an inconsistent brand experience
To win in eCommerce, brands need to learn local accents
In order for brands to grow their share of eCommerce in any given region or country, marketers must understand the nuances of the particular part of the local market they are dealing with...
How to win the right friends – and influence the right people
Younger audiences are choosing very different sources of inspiration and influence – and marketing strategies need to respond...
Brand opportunities aren’t what they used to be
In this article we explore the changing art of building brand memories and how it requires marketers to update both their creative approaches – and their own organisations.
Emotional intelligence through data
How brands can apply emotional intelligence to enable sophisticated understanding of the unique relationships and experiences people have with brands...
Marketing in the Social-Mobile world
In many mobile-first markets, the web experience built around desktop PCs, browsers and search engines is not the norm. In parts of Asia and Africa, social platforms are how people access, experience and purchase through the web...
The secrets of igniting online video sharing
It's not just top-tier influencers marketers need to target. Second wave influencers hold the key to sustained engagement...
How FMCG brands will win in grocery’s eCommerce boom
How brands will win in grocery’s eCommerce boom On June 9, Amazon announced the launch of its AmazonFresh online supermarket in London, with the likelihood of rolling out this same-day delivery across other major UK cities. It’s the first...
Embracing crowdsourcing for the right reasons
There’s been a growing debate about the real benefits of crowdsourcing over traditional problem-solving methods. So how should brands approach crowdsourcing to harness its creative power?
Why going viral is not enough: the shape of effective social media campaigns
What do effective social media campaigns look like? Marketers tend to answer this question by adding up numbers. They keep score of views, likes and shares, of the number of feeds that their activity appears in and the number of actions that...
How to fill Big Data’s black holes
The touchpoints revolution has created a big bang of rapidly emerging new data sources – but between these points of light, it’s also created black holes in our understanding that only a re-engineered approach to research can fill.
Building better brand experiences in the Touchpoint Revolution
Discover the challenges of building better brand experiences during the Touchpoint Revolution, and reveal how focusing on emotion can deliver coherent customer journeys no matter what form they take.
Our newly complicated social lives
New forms of social platforms present a new set of challenges for brands – and they can’t afford to duck them For the best part of a decade, our online social lives have been defined by a handful of giant networks: Facebook, Twitter and (for...